Andorra Business Confederation, latest news

Andorra Business Confederation, latest news


The Andorran Business Confederation (CEA), consolidated as a representative entity of Andorran business associationism, in accordance with the founding objectives defined in 2006, has made an active role of dialogue with Andorran business, institutions and Andorran society Generally.

We have as a priority objectives the integration, promotion, communication and growth of both affiliates and individual companies, devoting efforts to the promotion of the country both in the economic and tourism field.

Also, the CEA carries out an active work to promote the new ideas of entrepreneurship and the young  entrepreneurs  supporting the future businesses of Andorra.

In the project IWAND Invest With Andorra, the CEA has named some Ambassadors to help expanding abroad the recent process of economic opening and growth of Andorra. Those Ambassadors could represent CEA in the Economic or Cultural or Sportive fields. Giannina Tacca has been named Economic Ambassador for Italy, Texas and Mexico.

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