Marketing strategy, product management, advertising campaigns, digital marketing…any Marketing activities that you could require. Add some innovation and creativity, and you will attract your target!

We will base our results on customer experience orientation.

We will apply the methodologies from Porter theories to Blue Ocean ones.

We will analyze market data according to traditional methods and to big data analytics.



International Business Strategy

International Business Strategy

Vision, Structure, Time, Agreement, Compromise, Grit, Plan, Control, Review, Knowledge, Experience

Sounds simple but all the businesses need a strategy design, implementation and review.

Only the brave strategists have vision and structure qualities.

«If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of Giants, Isaac Newton»

At Valgianni we help you.

Advice on Personal Fortune Management

Advice on Personal Fortune Management

How to keep my wealth?

Do I want to grow it?

Do I want to maintain it?

Do I want to help others?

Do I want to become a part of a bigger portfolio?

Do I want to create a family office?

At Valgianni we help you by analyzing your situation and introducing you to the best solution and team of experts to solve your case.

Service available in: Andorra, Italia, Spain, Mexico

Potential investors search

Potential investors search

Whenever you are looking for a better Credit conditions or an investment partner to grow your business,

Valgianni helps you in the project of searching your potential investor/financier

a.Analysis to target the suitable partner for your project

b.Direct contact and meetings with potentials

c.Negotiations and closure

d.Marketing support (presentation docs, advertising… )

e.Finance support (business plan, minimum ROI…)

f.Legal support (LOI, MOU, diverse contracts..)

Service available in Andorra, Mexico, Texas, Italy, Spain, Panama

Mergers and Acquisition deals

Mergers and Acquisition deals

At Valgianni we support you in all the activities of an M&A. We analyse your case and we introduce you to the most feasible team of M&A for your deal.

Service available in: Andorra, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Panama, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain 


Business start-up and launch

Business start-up and launch

When launching your business internationally, Valgianni is with you.

So, you won t have to worry about the local activities at the start up such as:

Point of sales search

People recruiting

Legal documentation fullfiled

Notary meeting

Accounting Monthly service

We offer those services in Andorra, Spain, France, Italy, United Emirates, South USA and Mexico

International business networking introduction

International business networking introduction

We help you expand your contacts

Some examples of when you could require this service:

You do not need the support on how to create and manage a business but you want to expand your contacts?

Once you have a contact you want to do by-yourself the activities till closing a deal?

You are not aware of your «Spider-net» look and therefore you cannot reach your goal?

Would you like to train your collaborators on how to be a Networking In Action professional?

Import-Export platforms

Import-Export platforms

Make Andorra your logistic point from Europe to the World. Not only because its short distance to the Barcelona mercantile harbor, but also because of its fiscal agreements with 24 countries.