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The website: valgianni.com of which he is Administrator, Valgianni SL, is a consulting agency.

For any questions, clarifications, complaints or suggestions about the purchase process, you can contact:

VALGIANNI, SL, NRT L712320U, Plaça Guillemó 3, 1er, AD500, Andorra la Vella, Andorra, or by email: [email protected]

The conditions of purchase of our products or appointments are governed by these conditions of contract that the buyer must accept, unconditionally, prior to the purchase of the products or appointments.

These conditions have been drafted in accordance with the provisions of Andorran regulations for consumers and users. This applies to both background and form rules. In the event of a dispute or claim, the consumer will have priority to VALGIANNI SL for a friendly solution.

We advise you to consult, read and understand these conditions before making any purchase of our products.

1) The customer selects the desired product or appointment by clicking on the service image.

2) Once the Service has been selected, you must select the day and time the customer wishes to make the appointment. You will then need to fill out the form asking for your Name, Email and Phone. The amount to be paid will be displayed below and the customer must select the button to continue with the payment.

3) Once you have selected the «CONTINUE PAYMENT» button, the WEBSITE will ask you for a series of personal data in order to issue the corresponding invoice.

In the last step of purchase, the USER / CUSTOMER will pay the amount of the purchase at the time of ordering the selected products. To do this, the website will show you our payment gateway so that you can enter the necessary data to proceed with the collection of the products. We inform you that the WEBSITE will not store any of the bank details entered, the payment gateway being responsible for the management of your data. If you have any questions, please contact the person in charge.

Once the purchase is completed, you will receive, within a maximum of 24 hours, in the email account entered, the proof of purchase with all the details of the same. If you do not receive this email, or you have detected an error in the data entered for the purchase, please contact us.

The USER / CUSTOMER must notify the administrator of the website of any improper or fraudulent charge on the card used for payments, by email or by telephone, in the shortest possible time so that the administrator can make the appropriate arrangements.

All our products include IGI (Value Added Tax).

The prices of the products offered on the Web are indicated in euros (€).

Offers and promotions will be expressly indicated, understanding that a price that is excessively low compared to other products or equal to zero will be due to an error, so the final purchase process of the product that has said will not be carried out. error. In case of this situation, we recommend the CUSTOMER to send the incident to the email: [email protected]

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Terms of use and purchase

Only at Valgianni you will find a Unique team of Professionals in Internationalization and in Legal Fiscal Affairs.

Terms of use and purchase

Only 2.5 hours driving from Barcelona (Spain) and from Toulouse (France). 300 days of Sun and a Bunch of Activities open air.

Terms of use and purchase

Andorra recognized by OCDE in White List since 2018. 24 countries signed Agreements with Andorra on International Fiscal Transparency.

Terms of use and purchase

We help you to start-up, to launch, to expand internationally or to diversify your company.

We have more than 30 years experience in designing and implementing businesses strategies.

Terms of use and purchase

In addition, we manage the latests trends on business digitalization and its transformation. We have been in touch with the latest telecom technologies and universities to approach and apply the big data science.

Terms of use and purchase

We are strongly supported by ValentiMarti Advocats to guarantee that the legal frameworks and fiscal advantages are considered in Andorra and in your countries.

Terms of use and purchase

At Valgianni you will enjoy the knowledge of several countries centered in few people, due to the Partners´international background in Andorra, España, Italia, France, Switzerland, Mexico, USA, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Russia

We consider it is a benefit to have the international knowledge concentrated in one office based in Andorra, since in one-shot you will get an ample vision of how to solve your situation.

Avoid wasting-time and confusions of asking each country desk the solutions of your problem.

Countries with Fiscal Agreements Signed

So far, the Principality of Andorra has signed the following fiscal conventions according to OCDE rules:

24 TIEAs (tax information exchange agreement)
Italia, France, España, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco, Belgique, Portugal, Deutschland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Island, Groenland, Feroe Islands, Polonia, Tchec Republic, Australia, Korea, Argentina
12 DTA or CDI (non-Double taxation agreements)
7 Implemented: France, España, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, United Arab Emirates
5 In progress to be Implemented: Italia, Belgique, Cyprus, Netherlands, Austria

Dr. Prof. Valentí Martí Castanyer

Valentí Martí. More than 30 years of experiences in the legal, fiscal and business fields.

He Graduated on Law at the Navarra University and in parallel he reached the Economic Bachelor degree. In 2022 Valentí was honored as Doctor Honoris Causa in recognition to his outstanding defenses of international and local clients in Andorran cases.

During 12 years he has been The General Secretary of the Andorra Parliament and was a Parliamentarist, «Conseller General», for 17 years 1995-2012.

Those were the years when the Principality of Andorra initiated the Constitution and started opening the Principality to more International Relations. It added associations to the centenarian relations of its Co-princes (France President and Bishop Seu Urgell-Vatican) and its friendly neighbours (Spain and Portugal).

Valentí co-led the legal framework of other countries by sitting as a Permanent Secretary in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, at the Malta Mediterranean Association and at the LatinAmerica Summits held during those 12 years of his Secretariat.

In addition to his international legal expertise, since 2012 he actively participates at the andorran political environment by being the Secretary of International Affairs at the Liberal party (current opposition party of the 2012-2020 Government). During those years, he promoted the new keynesian economics to be ideally implemented in a country like Andorra. It is not by coincidence that the signature of a renewed Keneysian Manifest of the Liberal Parties around the world took place in Andorra in 2017.

Since 2012, Valentí holds his law firm in Andorra, where he advices international clients on fiscal and mercantile activities. He helps foreigners on their introduction and easy immersion to the Andorra benefits.

Amongst his international profile, may we underline that he has strong fiscal and legal knowledge on Spain, Russia, United Arab Emirates, France or Portugal.

Dr. Prof. Giannina Tacca Soriano

Giannina Tacca. Launching businesses & Improving revenues and operations since 1997.

Strategic & Business consulting experiences in Paris, Mexico, Milan, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Cuba, London, Geneva, Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruña, Lisboa, Athenes, Stockholm, Roma and now in Andorra.

MBA from ESADE with an International Finance specialization at Cornell University Johnson School and a Bachelor Degree on Business Administration of Public & Private companies from ITAM Mexico. She has also diplomas degrees on Negotiation from IESE; on Blue Ocean Strategy; and on Prescription Drug Regulations from Harvard. Giannina was honored as Doctor Honoris Causa by a pool of Spanish and Mexican Universities in recognition to her strategies designed for telecom companies.

Started on the business strategic consulting at Cluster Consulting (now Oliver Wyman) in 1997. After one year she moved to Gemini Consulting, where she worked during 8 years as Director of the Telecom Media Practice Strategic Business Consulting.

During 1997-2004 the Telecom Industry lived its international and diversification expansion, while 2004-2007 represented the financial crisis of that Industry. Giannina held Senior Officer Positions at top multinationals, where she had the unique opportunity to led their growth and their resizing.

In parallel, in 2003 she developed and pioneered the Networking in Action Theories. Supported by ESADE alumni and the Major of the City of Barcelona, she held conferences in more than 30 cities around the world. That period helped her to expand her professional relations and networks to diverse industries and management functions.

Early 2000s were the years when the Brand Barcelona started the international growth and attracted talents to the city. Giannina´s conferences were supported by the Barcelona-Mon and Do-it-in-Barcelona initiatives.

In 2014 she started working as Chief Officer at Andorra Telecom, an Andorra public held company that monopolizes the Telecom infrastructure. She led during 3 full years the diversification strategy, the innovation, the competitive intelligence team and started designing, with a refreshed customer-oriented marketing team, a customized catalogue for andorran users. During those years the company made the first move to internationalization by acquiring a percentage at MasMovil and by Financing the MIT Media Lab initiative for the Andorra Smart Country. The company also started the innovation activities by implementing the Internal Innovation Awards and the non-monopoly services such as The Cloud building, The Niu incubator, The e-health and e-home services… The bases for a big data infrastructure were ensured by signing alliances for Encryptation services and Cloud services.

Since august 2017, Giannina is developing her Philanthropy skills on Health, Internet, Economy and Education. She is  Member of
 Eje&Con.org (the Spanish Association for CxO Women) ;  Economic Ambassador for Mexico and Italy at CEA.ad (The Andorra Employers and Business Confederation); Wiwiw.org (The Internet Pioneers, Interesting People); AIC.ad (Association of Information Technologies and Communications based in Andorra); Covidwariors.org (The Association that has quickly interconnected Human Intelligence to fight against Covid19 in March 2020).

There is no doubt that from her business international background, Giannina has strong relations to leverage on Mexico, Italy, Spain, France and USA with the Principality of Andorra.